Designed by a mom for her teenage girl

Proudly South African developed and manufactured and gynaecologist approved.

Here’s our story

What do you do when your athletic daughter starts menstruating?
You give her tampons to use right?!

This is because when you spend half your life in a leotard and hot pants, sanitary towels are not an option. Plus think of the environment! Menstrual cups are by far the kindest to the environment. Tampons biodegrade within 6 months, sanitary pads –up to 500 years!

Inserting tampons can be painful at the best of times but when you are starting out it sometimes feels like an impossible task to do.

Luckily for my daughter, I thought out of the box and went to purchase some “lube”.  Voilla!  She could use tampons.

The first problem with this “lube” and all the other lubricants was that it was located in the male section of the stores with all the condoms!  Not a place most moms want to be seen let alone their teenage daughters! (The sanitary aisle is bad enough for most women.)

The second issue I had with these “lubes” was that they all had “colourful” names to say the least and sexual connotations associated with them.

As a mom I was not happy with my daughter carrying these around in her blazer pocket.  What happens if it should fall out in full view of her peers?  Being a teenager is bad enough, but should this happen, it could do some serious harm to your reputation.  Kids can be cruel!

So, I decided to launch a product for my daughter and all her friends.  A feminine lubricant gel, with a neutral name, small and discreet, with safe ingredients and that would be in the female section of the stores and pharmacies.  This is how Comfit Care was born.

Strange how things happen, but at the same time, menopause had crept up on me and I then realized that my friends and I all needed a product like Comfit Care too!  In fact, Comfit Care is a product for women of all ages, and because of the packaging, size and print, you can discreetly purchase and use Comfit Care Gel.

Many medications “dry” you out, for example your flu meds, Orotane etc.  These don’t just dry up your runny nose or clear up your skin.  They dry up EVERYTHING!  Chemotherapy can also cause you to be dry.

Comfit Care now empowers women to be able to get on with life, and hence my slogan “Don’t put living on hold”.

There should be no reason for young women to quit the school swimming team, or to sit on the side of the pool at pool parties.  There should be no reason for them to feel uncomfortable in their tight jeans, jodhpurs, leotards etc.  Take back those 13 weeks of each year!  “Don’t put living on Hold”