Menopause is not much fun.

One day you know your body, and the next thing, it’s all changed.

Understanding the change and coming to terms with it helps tremendously.

  • During menopause your oestrogen levels will decrease. Oestrogen keeps the vaginal tissue healthy by maintaining normal lubrication, acidity and elasticity. This affects us in many ways, but it can mean that we may be “dry” during sexual intercourse.  Comfit Care can be applied to assist you.  If you feel embarrassed about this then simply pre-apply before retiring to bed.  Take matters in hand.
  • Decreased oestrogen levels means that the lining of your vagina may become thin and tear easily. Use Comfit Care to prevent these cracks and tears which could lead to infections.
  • The pH of your Vagina may become more alkaline leading to infections. Comfit Care has a set pH of 4 which is an acidic pH falling within normal ranges.
  • Comfit care has built in antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients.

Other:  Oestrogen levels may also decrease during childbirth and during periods of breastfeeding.

Cigarette smoking, removal of ovaries, cancer treatments and immune disorders may also affect oestrogen levels.

I would like to think that Comfit Care will empower menopausal women.  It is a product for you, especially if you are not keen on using Hormone Replacement Therapy.  It is a product for me!