According to a Professor in Gynaecology whom I consulted with, tampons can be used from the first time that you start menstruating.  This is because they are now available in small sizes.

Tampon insertion should never be forced, as this could cause the lining of your vagina to have little tears which could lead to infections.  This is important to remember, as from around day 4 of your cycle, you may be a little dry when inserting your tampon.

When using Comfit Care to ease the insertion of tampons, you only need to apply a small amount (half a ml) to the tip of the tampon. You can however also add a little to the bottom of the tampon before insertion.  In fact, you can smother the whole tampon with Comfit Care if you need to.  This won’t prevent absorption of your menstrual flow.

It is very important to read the insert in the tampon box.  Make sure that you understand your anatomy because the tampon is not inserted upwards but rather angle up towards the small of your back.

Tampon Tips:

– Sit or stand, whichever is more relaxing, when inserting the tampon.

– Relax and breathe whilst inserting the tampon.

– Make sure that the tampon is completely inserted or it will feel uncomfortable.

–  Change your tampon regularly as indicated on the tampon box insert to prevent toxic shock.

Never use:

– Vaseline/Petroleum jelly to insert tampons as it is not water-soluble.

– Saliva, as your mouth is full of bacteria and even more so if you have cavities.

–  Hand Lotions or oils.

As an alternative to tampons, menstrual cups may be used.

Did you know:

Tampons can take up to 6 months to biodegrade.

Sanitary towels can take up to 500 years to biodegrade.

A single menstrual cup can last for up to 10 years.